The Seshie Journey

Hi. It’s Kofi. Co-founder of Seshie. Wow I can already tell how therapeutic this post is going to be. We are approaching a year (Oct 2021) since we launched. Our mission has remained the same. We want to help teams build camaraderie, learn and grow together. It is becoming imperative that companies care about the growth and development of their employees in order
to retain the best team members and develop a winning culture.

We started off as a marketplace for companies to book fun virtual team-building activities that brought teams together. We had customers from Amazon, Comcast, Google, Facebook, Nike and so much more. It was such a joy to see Zoom pictures of teams enjoying virtual cooking lessons or even trivia seshies together.

However, we realized from our customers that they desired even more. Our seshies could be even more impactful. What if we could make it easy for teams to learn and engage in new topics together led by vetted practitioners who could facilitate these discussions. Topics around Personal Development, Professional Development, Diversity & Inclusion and still Team-Building. One of the eye openers for us was when customers were requesting Seshie partners to discuss the history behind Juneteenth especially when it became a national holiday. We quickly found a partner who ended up being booked out.

We soon set out to build a product that not only allowed companies/teams to book these types of seshies but that would help curate these seshies based on employee insights, data and their interests.

I’m super proud of what our team is building and the early feedback has been incredible. If you are interested please sign up for early access on our homepage and I’ll be sure to personally reach out and share with you how we can help your team learn and grow together.

We want you and your team to experience modern-day Learning & Development.


Team Seshie

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